The Silent Killer: Here’s What You Should Know About Air Pollution And Its Association With Cardiovascular Diseases

A study reports that air pollution is directly linked to several cardiovascular deaths

There is a clear and established biological link between air pollution and cardiovascular disease. In recent years, the issue on air pollution and its impact on people have secured a topmost place on the global agenda. While we are already well-informed about the ill effects of air pollution, it is now being regarded as an absolute factor for cardiovascular disease.

A report in The New York Times places emphasis on a research conducted by 21 countries where the researchers assessed PM 2.5 particles of soot.  To arrive at the results, the research followed 157,436 people within the age group of 35-70 years. The report, in the consequent follow up, states“there were 9,152 fatal or nonfatal cardiovascular events”.


Finally researchers drew a conclusion that almost 14 per cent of all cardiovascular illness are linked to air pollution and eight percent of cardiovascular deaths.

As per sources in, the study published in Lancet Planetary Health, further took into consideration factors like hypertension, sex, physical activity and other behavioural patterns.

“Air pollution is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease globally. There needs to be improvement, especially in developing countries, and even marginal decreases in air pollution make a big difference,” Perry Hystad lead author of the study and associate professor at Oregon State University was quoted as saying.

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