Best Trampoline Experience in Mumbai where Age is Just a number, Literally!

If you are an adventure and sports junkie, then we just might know the perfect place for you! Know more.

If you are someone who loves adventures and activities filled with adrenaline, then we have to know just the place for you! Fun O Factory, an adult trampoline park in R City Mall, is your answer to a perfect evening filled with laughter and blood pumping through your ears. 
That is not all. The fun-filled trampolines aren’t the only amazing thing at the park. Their fun blue and yellow foam pit and a rock climbing wall will increase your experience by a notch. While there isn’t anything like free-falling, somersaulting into the foam pit directly from the trampoline can come pretty close! And if you have fantasies that involve falling, be a daredevil and try the “trust fall”.

Rock climbing wall can become super fun too. All that and if it’s still not enough, you can also try shooting some hoops while being airborne.

Timings: Throughout the week from 11 AM – 9 PM.

Price: INR 400 (per hour on weekdays) and INR 450 (per hour on weekends)

Other activities: Apart from the trampoline, they offer soft play, rope adventure, rope course, basket, and dodge ball.

Tip: Do not forget to carry a pair of socks (they’re mandatory), otherwise you will have to pay INR 100 to buy a pair from the counter. Also, do not forget your ID at any cost.

Insider Tip

If you plan on booking the entire space on weekdays, it will cost you INR 8,000 and INR 9,000 for 20 people on weekends. However, a better and cost-effective way is to buy separate tickets for your guests, since the booking does not stop outsiders from entering/ visiting the park.

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