“Ye Rishta Kya Khehlata Hai” Actress Divya Bhatnagar Passes Away After Battling Covid-19

TV actress Divya Bhatnagar dies on Monday after testing Covid-19 positive battling for life on a ventilator for days.

As the whole world is battling with this pandemic, and everyone is trying to save themselves from it, and it is evident that Bollywood has also very been deeply affected by it. Divya Bhatnagar, who is a very prominent tv actress from a very well know tv series, “YE RISHTA KYA KHEHLATA HAI”, got affected by Coronavirus, and after a very long battle of life and death, Divya finally lost the battle. And it is said that she was on the ventilator fighting till the last breath after getting affected with COVID -19.

DIVYA lost her life on Monday morning around 3 am in the morning, at 7 Hills hospital. She was found Covid 19 positive and was also suffering from high blood pressure. Also, she was on the ventilator for around a week, fighting for life. Now Divya’s family has another point of view and they all are blaming one of her friends “GAGAN” because he left her alone when she really needed him.

But we would like to put light on one of the important aspects of it. In the year 2019, Divya got married to Gagan going against her own family. Gagan is also an actor from the TV industry and because he was not from a similar caste, the family didn’t want that to happen. So this may be one of the aspects why the whole family is against Gagan after Divya’s death.

And if we talk about Divya’s work-life she has worked with some of the very well-known and leading television series such as “YE RISHTA KYA KHEHLATA HAI,” “JEET GAYI TO PIYA MERE”, “SANSKAR”, and many more. One of her latest television series was “TERA YAAR HU MAI”.

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