Want Digital Detox? Here Is A Guide To Help You Achieve Your Personal Time With Social Media Detox

Want Digital Detox? Here Is A Guide To Help You Achieve Your Personal Time With Social Media Detox

Social media undoubtedly is a boon for us but let’s not forget it is equally a bane too. From the time, the lockdown was announced and work from home became the new normal, our social media consumption rate has increased to a greater extent. Excessive usage of it has now increased to mental health distress.

If you are someone who spend up a lot of time aimlessly scrolling through various social media apps and cannot do without your phone, you are advised to go on a social media detox. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Live in the moment

It is absolutely okay if you are not updated with each and every happening around you. Question yourself: whether you connect better with a person in real life or online. If the answer to the question is the former, it is time you make some changes. You can start with making small changes like setting a time limit. When you detox, you will realise how important it is to seize each moment.

Break the vicious cycle of comparison

Often, unconsciously, we end up comparing our lives to that of others’ on social media not being aware fully that what we see is what the other person wants to show. This can crop up anxiety and self-esteem issues. Taking a break from social media and focusing on oneself becomes essential in this scenario.

Identify the apps you use most

Almost all smartphones have a feature that shows a detailed report of your screen time along with the apps you tend to use regularly. Note that and uninstall them. It will help you to gain some clarity.

Go grayscale

Grayscale mode helps to restrict phone addiction as it does away with blingy and colourful apps and screen. Removing colour from your screen will make it less interesting and may not attract you as much.

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