5 Times BTS Suga donned embarrassing outfits

"Hip Hopis dead"says Suga

BTS Suga is an abundance of swag and can literally nail every outfit he wears. Suga has more swag in one finger than most others have in their entire body. He can pull of the weirdest outfits with his swag. However here area few embarrassing dresses that Suga wore and it will make you question his dressing sense. Here are 5 embarrassing outfits that Suga wore and applauded by he ARMY. Also Read | When BTS’s Jungkook Flexed His Muscular Legs In Ripped Jeans

When BTS Suga donned embarrassing outfits

5. Retro style

For episode 30 of Run BTS!, the boys donned outfits which looked more like thrift store rejects than retro-chic throwbacks. Although most of the members wore plaid and denim-over-denim outfits, Suga look particularly was disturbing to see. Suga wore the dark denim on denim look with red colour detailing that made him look like the “ugly doll” you might have seen bobbing along the car’s dashboard. This was a disgrace, SUGA!!!

Suga  twerking in his retro outfit!!

What do you think about Suga’s retro look?

4. Look, the candy’s out!!!

Suga wore a hilarious candy cane costume back in April, during a fan meeting in Japan. Looked like Suga was a human advertiser selling candy canes and christmas decor. This was truly a Candy Treat for the ARMY. Imagine finding such a candy in your stocking on a Christmas morning!! Way too sweet to handle, isn’t it?

3. BT21 Characters 

Did you know, Suga was the human model for donning cartoon costume? There’s nothing more hilarious to see someone dressed as something that don’t match their personality at all. Suga lost all his chic and swag by wearing the RJ costume and

the Chimmy one, as a punishment for losing games. Well, the costumes were a little embarrassing but we can’t deny that Suga looked adorable in these squishy outfits too. 

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2. Min Yoonji

The crossplay that made Suga trending in the meme world. This get up of Suga launched him as a meme face. Technically, this crossplay outfit doesn’t fit appropriate in the list as Suga wasn’t embarrassed about wearing it, he truly enjoyed his little make over. Suga wore this when he played the cold-hearted, female version of himself for a school skit in episode 11 of Run


1. Maid

This outit was, is and will always remain our #1 pick for Suga’s most embarrassing outfits. During BTS’s rookie days, Suga slipped into a frilly maid outfit as a punishment for losing a game. Not only that, Suga served cafe customers too. Wish I was lucky enough to be served by Suga!! Don’t you wish to be served by Suga too? 

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