Johnny Depp Birthday: 10 times the actor looked unrecognizable in his on-screen roles

Johnny Depp is famous for his crazy and realistic style of acting. On his birthday here is a list of 10 movies, that no one could've done better.

Johnny Depp is Hollywood’s biggest most talented star. From his mindblowing performance as a pirate in disheveled look to being the master of a chocolate world in Willy Wonka, he fits in every character like a glove. His on-screen characters make it hard for the audience to believe otherwise. Even in the most bizarre roles, Johnny has the ability to keep them intrigued. Much like his complex characters in movies, Johnny Depp has a troubled life full of controversies. Being Hollywood’s most talented star, the actor is yet to receive the
the appreciation he deserves for his roles.

On his 57th birthday, let take a look at 10 of his mindblowing characters that left fans amazed and confused.

Edward- Edward Scissorhands


The title of the movie is self-explanatory however it isn’t until you watch the first shot you understand how literal the title actually was. Johnny Depp’s Edward is the result of a scientist’s unfinished work that made him a monster. The actor, however, brought a rare sense of vulnerability in his acts, making him humane for the audience to pine for him despite his actions.

For many of us, Johnny Depp is synonymous with Jack Sparrow. His character as a drunk, disheveled almost comical Pirate cannot be recreated by anyone else. One of Hollywood’s highest-earning movies, Pirates of the Caribbean has a massive fanbase all due to the antics of one Jack Sparrow.

Willy Wonka – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Johnny’s Willy Wonka owns a chocolate factory for kids but is perhaps the most menacing looking ever. With a porcelain complexion and a permanent freakish grin on his face, Depp’s version of Willy Wonka was dark and twisted but drives home.

Madhatter made for an emotional ride for viewers. The character had so many arcs to play with and being Johnny Depp he made the most of it. Despite his appearance sensitive to his mood swings, he played this role with utmost humane perfection. The character was one of Depp’s most real roles on screen.

Sweeney Todd – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barner Of Fleet Street

If Edward Scissorhands grew up, he might just end up looking like Depp’s Sweeney Todd character. His mannerisms make him look so menacing and full of hatred, it’s almost sinister to watch him play this role like it was meant only for him.


Grindelwald – Fantastic Beats: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Johnny Depp’s Grindelwald is one of his most problematic characters. The character has landed in controversies multiple times with scores of people who objected to the white wizard.


Barnabas Collins – Dark Shadows

The 200-year-old Dracula with creepy white pointy nails made Depp look creepy and extremely sinister. The film is a dark comedy which makes up for all the menace.

Tonto- The Lone Ranger

There is no end to Depp’s list of wacko characters in his career. But The Lone Ranger took it a notch higher. The character has a permanent dead bird perched on his head for crying out loud! It won’t be a hyperbole to say he resembles an ‘Aghori Baba’ in this film.


Wade – Cry Baby

Perfectly sleek hair with a bad boy smirk, Johnny’s Cry baby is perhaps his most boy next door look yet. Everything about his character says trouble. He is foul, charming, and magnetic but as with Depp’s role goes, this one is as real as a junkie pirate.

Guy LaPointe – Tusk

Yes, that is Jonny Depp in all his twisted, unrecognizable glory and that is all that could be said about it.

It is a shame the actor has not won a single Oscar for his performances yet.

Which one of his characters did you love the most? Let us know.

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